At 416Dance.com we believe that everyone can learn to dance and benefit greatly from the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Social enhancements this activity offers. In today’s fast paced world, dancing allows for stress relief, muscle toning, strength and flexibility, ease and confidence socially, as well as a method of meeting and making new friends. Our teachers are friendly, professional and truly care about our students and their progress and enjoyment. Every lesson is designed to develop your dancing style and technique, but most of all, your confidence and comfort both on and off the dance floor. The classes cater to all levels from absolute “2 left feet” beginners. We will plan your lessons around your goals and needs to make your experience enjoyable and rewarding.


Established in 2000 416Dance.com has served thousands of clients in The Greater Toronto Area.  Our mission was to create an environment for our students to learn to dance well, while meeting great new friends in a warm, friendly atmosphere. We have succeeded in this mission, and we continue to strive to grow our school with the addition of new classes, teachers and of course, clients.
We look forward to working with you to fulfill your dancing and social needs!



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